Sacred Intersections - Stories/Comments

Click HERE to download a free pdf that will provide you with some great questions for further reflection and discussion on Sacred Intersections.



Sacred Intersections is intended to be one of those books that makes you think, and hopefully one that you want to talk about with others. This guide is a tool to help with both.

Here you will find questions that will help you delve deeper into the concepts of the book and how they play out in practical ways. Most of the questions can be used either for personal reflection or for group discussion, but some will only work well in the context of a group conversation. For the most part, the order of the questions parallels the order of the material in each chapter.

This isn’t a “cookie cutter” guide. It isn’t designed with a specific number of people or timeframe in mind. Some chapters have more questions than others. Some questions might be answered fairly quickly, others might stimulate a conversation that could go on for a very long time.